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Member Fitness Class

Member Fitness Class
Lakeside Inn | Jan-March
Sports Courts | April-May (weather permitting; Lakeside Inn weather back-up)
Weekly | Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:30-11:30 am

Members are invited to the Member Fitness Class taught by Rachel Piotrowski! The class will focus on balance, strength, cardio and stretching. Adaptable for all levels and physical abilities. It is encouraged to bring a yoga mat and a set of light weights.

Rachel Unavailable | Classes Canceled 
Thu, Feb 24
Tue, Mar 15
Thu, Mar 17

Class will not be held if it falls on a holiday. Class will resume on the next scheduled date.

Inclement Weather:
Should inclement weather prevent class from being held at the Sports Courts, class will relocate to the Lakeside Inn.

For more information:
Call Jordana O'Malley | 865-213-2062

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