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Yoga at WindRiver

Yoga at WindRiver
1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month
$10 | Members (charged to Member Account)
$15 | Guests (exact cash please)

  • Feb 19 | Citico's Lounge
  • Mar 5 | Citico's Lounge
  • Mar 19 | Citico's Lounge
  • Apr 2 | Citico's Lounge
  • Apr 16 | Citico's Lounge

Members and Guests are invited to our yoga series.

Yoga is a journey. One to be taken slowly, with love and compassion. Through gentle and flowing movement of the body, you can gain peace and clarity of the mind. Yoga can bring balance not only into your mind and body, but into everyday life. There are no prerequisites to yoga, you can begin the journey to a happier healthier you any time.

Tentative Schedule: First & Third Tuesday every month (location & time may vary)

Bring Your Own: Yoga mat, blanket or towel, yoga strap

Online |  Club Calendar
Call | WindRiver Events at 865-988-1864

Instructor: Ana Chassot-Petersen

Ana Chassot-Petersen is an E-500 RYT (experienced Yoga Alliance registered teacher and educator) and a certified professional Ayurveda counselor and practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. She is also a member of the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has also studied in Kerala, India where she completed an advanced Ayurveda/Panchakarma as well as an integrative yoga therapy training.

Class Description:

Ayurvedic Yoga, a combination of two ancient sister sciences, is a system of yoga asanas or postures designed to address specific issues according to different physical constitutions or “doshas”. From anxiety to back problems, Ayurvedic Yoga addresses all from a perspective of specific vulnerabilities associated with those constitutions. The class has a therapeutic flow, followed by deep relaxation and is designed to all levels.

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