Situated on Tellico Lake in Eastern Tennessee, WindRiver is an exquisite lakefront and golf community, mere minutes from Knoxville. The region is celebrated for its temperate four-season climate, picturesque mountain and lake vistas, and warm Southern hospitality. Beyond its natural beauty, Tennessee has garnered attention for its favorable tax advantages compared to many other states.

While you are certain to cherish the lifestyle within our exclusive community, you will undoubtedly value the tax benefits that come with residing in Tennessee, especially in Loudon County.

1. No State Income Tax

One of Tennessee’s notable features that residents appreciate is its lack of a state income tax. The absence of this tax provides individuals with a significant financial advantage, allowing them to retain a larger portion of their earnings. This favorable tax climate not only attracts new residents but also contributes to the state’s overall appeal as a destination for businesses and professionals seeking economic advantages. Tennessee’s commitment to a no state income tax policy is a key factor in fostering a thriving and economically advantageous environment for its residents.

2. No Inheritance Tax

Tennessee’s appeal extends beyond its absence of state income tax; it also boasts the absence of an inheritance tax. This means that individuals who inherit assets or estates in the state are not subjected to an additional tax burden based on the value of the inherited property. This favorable tax policy contributes to Tennessee’s reputation as an attractive destination for individuals and families seeking to preserve and pass on their wealth without the encumbrance of an inheritance tax. The absence of this tax further enhances the state’s overall financial environment, making it an appealing choice for those considering estate planning and wealth transfer strategies.

3. No Taxes on Pensions or Retirements

Tennessee’s reputation as a pension and retirement-friendly state is well-deserved, thanks to its favorable tax policies. Notably, the state does not levy income tax on pensions and retirement income, making it an ideal haven for retirees seeking financial security and a comfortable lifestyle. The absence of such taxes ensures that retirees can enjoy their hard-earned savings without the burden of additional state levies. This pension-friendly environment, coupled with the state’s natural beauty, mild climate, and diverse recreational opportunities, positions Tennessee as a top choice for individuals looking to make the most of their retirement years. The state’s commitment to providing a tax-friendly atmosphere plays a pivotal role in attracting retirees seeking a peaceful and financially advantageous place to call home.

4. Very Low Property Taxes

Loudon County, Tennessee, stands out as an attractive locale for residents due to its low property taxes. The county’s commitment to maintaining reasonable property tax rates is a significant boon for homeowners, contributing to a more affordable cost of living. This favorable tax environment not only appeals to current residents but also serves as a draw for individuals considering relocation. The low real property taxes in Loudon County enable residents to invest in their homes, businesses, and the community at large, fostering economic growth and development. See tax rate. This commitment to keeping property taxes at a reasonable level underscores the county’s dedication to providing an advantageous living environment for its residents.

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