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At WindRiver, we pride ourselves on being a master-planned community, but many people don’t understand what that means. We’re here to tell you that a planned community is exactly what it sounds like.

A planned community is a housing development where homes, roads, amenities, and other features are thoughtfully designed so that living can be as enjoyable as possible. Essentially, every detail was thought of ahead of time – from every home to every landscape feature.

Why Choose a Planned Community?

The answer is trifold. First off, the layout is ideal. You’ll be able to get from one place to another within the community efficiently and quickly. Plus, the amenities are right where you want them.

Secondly, planned communities are typically aesthetically pleasing. Homes correlate with each other to create a cohesive, yet unique experience for residents and guests alike. The same thing happens for other buildings, making the entire community attractive.

Thirdly, it is extremely convenient. Living so close to amenities like a golf course, the lake, or a delicious restaurant is ideal for anyone, especially people looking to make the most of their time.

Why Choose WindRiver?

WindRiver is a luxury lake and golf community in East Tennessee. With amenities like Citico’s, an on-site elegant, yet casual restaurant with delicious dishes, a beautifully crafted golf course, and our luxury marina, you won’t want to leave! One of our favorite parts of WindRiver is the views; the Smoky Mountains overlook Tellico Lake, allowing us to view both from our community.

We offer both homes and homesites. To inquire, please contact us at 865.328.7701 or book a discovery tour online to learn why, at WindRiver, every day is a vacation.